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Founded in the year 2007 by its namesake the Jevon Terance Fashion Line has grown quickly from a passionate hobby to a recognizable brand.

Custom Tailor


All pieces are designed and hand made by Jevon Terance and Team. Each piece ordered is custom fit to the customer. Pieces are not made in bulk, they are made when your purchase is placed.


To purchase pieces from the "Look Book", please e-mail or under the "Contact" tab, submit your information. You will receive a response within 5 business days.

Live Free in JT

JT street wear is used to market Jevon Terance. All designs and concepts are created by Jevon Terance and Team. All wear is printed by local printers which are small businesses. Small quantities of each product are created in order to keep exclusivity to each piece, and person who owns the items. Just like the Next Level pieces, Live Free in JT is also ordered when the customer makes the purchase on

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